Who Can Testify For You At Court?

10 July 2019
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When you are hurt in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, you can file a lawsuit to get compensation. If your case goes to trial, a major component of your evidence is witness testimony. The following are some examples of types of witnesses that may be involved in your lawsuit:

The Accident Victims

The accident victims are among the most important witnesses in a personal injury case. This includes yourself and anyone who was in the car with you. During the testimony, you will tell your story and provide your version of the events that caused the accident. You will also discuss what happened immediately after the accident. You may also be asked to talk about your injuries. As you testify, you will be asked a variety of questions, including the speed you were driving, any weather conditions or if there was poor visibility, the traffic patterns, and so on.

Immediate Witnesses of the Accident

If anyone was standing by and witnessed the accident, they will be called to testify as long as they can be contacted. Eyewitnesses can testify whether or not the other driver seemed intoxicated, was using a phone or otherwise distracted, was driving erratically, and so on. Eyewitness testimony is very important in a personal injury case.

The Accident Reconstructionist

If there is any confusion about the circumstances in your accident, your attorney can bring in an accident reconstructionist to recreate the accident for the court. This person is an expert who reviews evidence from accident scenes in order to recreate the exact scenario so that everyone can better understand how the accident happened. A reconstructionist will utilize a variety of evidence to recreate the accident, including information from the police report, pictures of the scene, the weather on the day of the accident, and any other pertinent information from your case.

A Physician

Another important witness that can lend credence to your case is a physician. He or she can testify about your injuries and how they were specifically caused by the accident. If an insurance company for the party at fault tries to deny your claim, stating your injuries could have been caused by something else, a physician can explain why your injuries are due to the accident during court. A physician can also discuss your life after your injuries, whether or not it has resulted in permanent disability, and your ultimate prognosis.

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