Did A Blood Clot Screen Get Loose In Your Body? What To Do

9 November 2016
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If you had a screen put in place to help prevent blood clots from heading into your lungs, but the screen got lost and you've had complications and surgeries to deal with the issue, it's time to get a legal consultation. You want to see if what your surgeons did was unethical, illegal, or negligent, and you want to find out what type of compensation you could receive. There are a lot of complications that can arise when you have a device floating around in your body, and you have every right to hold the medical experts accountable. Do the following before meeting with your attorney.

Put Together a Timeline

Spend the time to create a thorough timeline. This means dating the time that you first realized you had something wrong, the diagnosis of the clots, and other relevant events all the way until the time you meet with the attorney. They will look at the timeline of events and when the surgeries were performed to figure out if things were delayed or postponed and negligent.

Get Copies of Medical Documents

Have all the medical documents from your case ready so your lawyer can make copies and read the documents. This would include:

  • Billing statements
  • Image tests and scans
  • Diagnosis and information sheets
  • Discharge papers
  • Bloodwork results

The lawyer needs to know how much money was spent by you, what proof they had that there was a problem, and what you were told to do at home.

Device Information

You want all the information you have about the device that was used, including the brand name, size, and materials. If you no longer have it or didn't keep it after surgery, your lawyer should be able to find the device online or be able to get more information about it. If there is a recall for the device, your lawyer will be able to get the information on the many ways it could have hurt you.

It's scary when you trust your medical professionals to protect you from having blood clots, but they put a bad piece of equipment in your body that causes you stress and pain. Talk with an experienced medical negligence attorney so you can sue not only the people that put the device in, but also the company that manufactured such a harmful item. Visit a site like http://www.snyderwenner.com to get in touch with a lawyer.