Five Things Not To Do To Ensure Personal Injury Success

22 November 2016
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Being injured in a wreck is traumatic, and dealing with the many details while also trying to recover from those injuries can be challenging, complicated, and stressful. Make sure that you don't allow the confusion of dealing with the situation to cause you to make mistakes that could affect your ability to get a fair settlement. Read on to learn more about what not to do in a personal injury situation.

1. Don't fail to get medical treatment for your injuries. Nothing beats having well-documented medical care when it comes time to ask for money damages, so no matter how minor or trivial you may think your injuries are at this time, make sure to seek immediate treatment, follow all treatment orders, and follow up as often as needed.

2. Don't lose track of time and lose your right to file suit. The statute of limitations is a legal rule that stipulates how much time you have to file every type of lawsuit, including personal injury suits. Every state has its own rules, but it can be as little as one year or as much as several years. Be sure you take action quickly so you don't exceed the statute of limitations in your state.

3. Don't forget you could be under surveillance. The other side's insurance company may hire investigators to spy on you and try to catch you performing a physical act that you claim you cannot perform. You could be photographed or recorded in your own yard, while you run errands and visit the doctor, and while you are relaxing with your family at the lake. Be vigilant at all times when out in public.

4. Don't post potentially damaging information about your accident online. It's only natural to seek support from friends and family members by posting about your scary accident experience online on Facebook or other social media sites. Unfortunately, these postings can come back to haunt you if you downplay your injuries to spare your friends and family the truth. Stay away from social media when it comes to posting about your accident.

5. Don't fail to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney. No matter how minor your accident, you need the help of a legal professional. From the requests to provide a recorded statement by the insurance adjuster to the settlement negotiations, don't try to go it alone. Count on a personal injury attorney to understand and guide you through this confusing and trying time and get you the compensation for your injuries that you need and deserve. If you're looking for an attorney, consider checking out a site like