2 Things To Monitor If Your Loved One Is In A Nursing Home

12 December 2016
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One of the things that you may not look forward to is putting a person you love in a nursing facility. It can be tough to watch your loved one be unable to do simple things without assistance, and this task may be necessary. However, you may have horror stories of nursing home abuse, and this makes it important to look for certain things on a routine basis in this situation. Knowing some of the common types of abuse that can occur may be helpful.

Emotional abuse

Older individuals can be in a more fragile state of mind at times. The difficulty of not feeling well daily and being dependent on others can be overwhelming.

It's possible a nursing care provider may not help the situation by mentally abusing this person, as well. Some of the various ways a person may be mistreated in this way are listed below:

1.    Humiliated – There are many situations that the patient will need to depend on the provider and being ridiculed can happen.

2.    Disrespected – Being rude to your loved one can be part of the emotional abuse.

3.    Terrorized – Making a person you love afraid to be in the same room as the caregiver.

4.    Neglected – Not responding to the elderly person as necessary is known as being neglectful.

Sexual abuse

The last thing you may want to think about is your loved one being sexually abused. This can be something you may not ever dream could happen.

However, this type of abuse can occur and listed below are signs you should be looking out for at all times:

1.    Bleeding – If this person is female and experiences vaginal bleeding, this can be a sign of being sexually violated that should be acknowledged.

2.    Torn undergarments -  Seeing ripped underwear should cause you concern and is a reason to investigate this situation much further.

3.    Withdrawal – Not wanting to be around others can be a sign that this person may have endured a sexual assault.

The key to getting control of an unfortunate situation of this type is by monitoring the loved one on a routine basis. Take the time to check on this individual weekly or more often if you can. If you spot any type of abuse, be sure to schedule an appointment with a personal injury attorney in your area for legal assistance.