Found To Be To Fault For A Car Accident? Why You Need A Lawyer

11 April 2018
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When you have been in an auto accident, things can get out of hand quickly. If the police investigating at the scene find you to be at fault, your insurance company will assign an adjuster and lawyer to the case to try to mitigate the amount of money they have to pay for any damages and injuries incurred. However, there are some times you should hire your own auto accident attorney too. Here are just a few examples.

Question of Fault

Sometimes, there may be some question as to who was at fault even though the police determined it was you. In some states, the fault can be split. While you may have been at fault, perhaps the other driver should bear some of the weight for the accident as well. Your lawyer will investigate the the accident further and may find that you should both take some of the blame. This will lessen the chance of you being sued after the insurance company pays on the claim.

Your Insurance Won't cover All Expenses

It is quite possible that your insurance coverage is not enough to pay for all the expenses incurred. At this time, the other driver has the right to sue you for the remainder of the money. When you have an experienced auto accident attorney they will work to ensure that you do not end up having to pay more than necessary. They will protect your assets and work to keep you from having a large judgement hanging over your head.

Defective Part

If there was a problem with any part in your vehicle that could have caused the crash, you will need a lawyer. They will have a mechanic go over the car to determine what part was not working properly. The attorney will then add the manufacturer of the part to the case. The problem could also have been due to a mechanic making a mistake when doing maintenance or a repair to your vehicle. This means that another insurance company will become involved in settling all expenses. This will probably be enough to ensure that you do not end up having to pay for anything out of your own pocket.

Unfortunately, automobile accidents can create many bills, especially if someone was injured. Contact an experienced lawyer to make sure that you do not end up having to sell your home to pay for something that could not be avoided.