What You Should Know About Car Accidents During Winter Weather

17 September 2019
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When the weather begins to turn cold, the likelihood of getting into a car accident rises dramatically. The snow, winds, and sleet cause hazardous conditions on the road that can cause significant car accidents. While you can take precautions, you also have to watch out for other drivers and act proactively. Here are some things you should know about driving in inclement weather during the winter:

What Type of Accidents Are Prolific in Winter?

One of the biggest factors in winter weather car accidents is speeding. You can easily run into a patch of black ice or water that causes the car to hydroplane. You have no control as you hydroplane, so it is best to slow down and pay attention to the road.

Not paying attention while you are driving also can lead to an accident. If you are not watching what is going on in front of you, another driver may be. This means you could potentially hit another driver from behind who was paying attention to possible road limitations or closings you did not see. If you hit another person because you were not paying attention, you could be liable for the damage and injuries you cause.

How Does Negligence Factor Into Winter Weather Car Accident Cases?

No matter how careful anyone is, winter weather car accidents can happen. If you are the victim in the accident, the first thing to do is determine who is liable. Another person's negligence can be key in you winning compensation for your damages.

To determine fault, you have to show proof the other driver was acting negligently when the accident occurred. The proof is necessary to have your damages covered by the other driver's insurance. You have to show how the other driver was not driving reasonably based on the weather conditions and was not operating a vehicle safely or properly and how this ultimately caused the accident.

Not only will you have to provide your own account to prove the other party was negligent, but you will also need some additional evidence. Eyewitness accounts are one of the best ways to prove your claim, along with physical proof and the police report you receive after the accident. You could also hire an accident reconstructionist to help recreate the accident scene. If you do this, the reconstructionist has to use the police report as a guide, not your own personal account.

For more information about liability in a car accident, contact a car accident attorney like Cok Kinzler PLLP in your area today.