The Most Important Measures You Can Take To Protect Yourself Physically And Legally After A Fatal Truck Crash

6 January 2023
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The steps you take after a fatal truck crash will determine the outcome of your lawsuit. Note that one of the most important things you can do for your claim is to retain a legal advisor. This is because they will tell you the steps to take to avoid messing up your legal case. First, they will ask you to check and see your state and that of your passengers. Then they will ask you to call for help if you need emergency care. Once you do this, they will tell you to take the following measures to protect yourself legally and ensure that you hold the wrongdoers accountable. 

Report the Incident Immediately

The law mandates crash victims contact the authorities when they get involved in an accident. Therefore, you must report the incident so the police can come to the scene and document the collision. Mostly, they will start their investigation by asking the trucker to produce documentation to know what the semi was transporting. For example, if the truck company is hauling hazardous substances, the police will take the necessary measures to secure the area and prevent more harm. They will then analyze the scene and interrogate you and the people who saw the crash. Ultimately, this will help them determine what happened and get crucial information to include in their report. Further, your attorney will advise you to get the report the officers create to use as evidence when preparing your claim.

Make a List of People Who Saw the Crash

Your legal advisor will also ask you to list people who saw the crash. For example, this might include drivers and passengers riding in other vehicles, pedestrians, and workers from nearby buildings. So, when you talk to these witnesses, request that they provide you with their phone numbers or email addresses. Then, give this information to investigators and your legal advisor. This will enable your attorney to contact the witnesses and get additional facts that will enable them to strengthen your claim.

Get Legal Assistance

Note that hiring a lawyer to help you with your lawsuit is crucial. This is because they can assist you in different ways, including gathering evidence and essential documents to prepare a claim. Additionally, they will fight hard to get you the settlement you need from all the parties who may have been involved in the crash. This includes the trucker, their employer, shipper, or manufacturers.

Many people damage their claims because they make mistakes in the aftermath of a truck crash. This is why it is always advisable to contact an auto accident lawyer for advice when a truck hits you. This way, you will get advice on the measures you should take to ensure a favorable outcome in your case. 

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