What You Should Bring To Your First Consultation With A Car Accident Lawyer

30 March 2023
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If you've been involved in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries or substantial property damage, it is always wise to hire an attorney. They will ensure you are fairly compensated, whether that means negotiating with your insurance company, suing the other driver, or suing the other driver's insurance company. For many people, the most intimidating part of this process is having that first meeting with the car accident lawyer. That first meeting will go more smoothly and be more productive if you can bring the following documents with you.

The Police Report 

If you have a copy of the police report from the accident, bring it with you. If you don't have a copy of the police won't issue you one directly, don't worry. Bring the name of the police station that took the report. The lawyer can generally contact them and get the information they need. If you have a report number, that will be helpful to have, too.

Your Insurance Policy

If you have a printed copy of your insurance policy, bring that along. The lawyer may want to look through it to see how much coverage you have, what kind of coverage you have, and any restrictions your insurer places on your coverage. Make sure you bring along the full, thick policy packet and not just your bill.

The Other Driver's Information

Hopefully, you exchanged information with the other driver. Bring everything you know about them, which should include their name, address, phone number, and insurance information. If you have their insurance policy number, that's great, but even having the name of their insurer is usually good enough. Your lawyer can contact the insurance agent, give the driver's name, and find out more about their coverage.

Your Medical Bills

If you sought medical attention, bring copies of all of your bills. This includes not only doctors' bills, but also bills from any chiropractors, massage therapists, specialists, and other professionals who you saw for injuries after the crash. If you had to pay for prescription or over-the-counter medications out of pocket, bring receipts from those purchases, too.

If you come with the documentation above, your lawyer should have the basics that they need to get started with your claim. They might need other documents from you as the process goes on, but they'll let you know what they need and give you time to come up with it.

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