Rideshare Accident Victims Have Rights

4 August 2023
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Rideshare drivers are committed to transporting passengers to and from their destinations safely. As part of this commitment, it is easy to assume that safety would be a priority. However, the reality is that some of these drivers engage in dangerous habits, such as speeding. When a rideshare driver's speeding leads to an accident, just as any other driver, they must be held accountable for their actions. 

Victim Relationship

The driver's relationship to the victim only matters minimally, in that you do not have to be a passenger in the vehicle to be compensated for your losses. You can still be compensated if you are another motorist on the road. 

However, the driver's status at the time of the incident will determine who you need to seek compensation for. Typically, if the rideshare driver was actively transporting a passenger or was en route to pick up a passenger, the rideshare company would be liable. Otherwise, you would need to seek compensation from the driver's private insurance. 

Police Report

Many rideshare companies equip their drivers with high-tech reporting devices, including trackers and dash cams. While these devices often do a great job of capturing vital information about the accident, they do not serve as a replacement for a police report. You must call the police and remain at the scene of the incident to obtain a report.

Not only will the police provide critical details about who is at fault for the accident, but often the rideshare company or the insurance company will not accept a claim without this documentation, so ensure you obtain a report.

Rideshare Company Communication

Contact with the rideshare company should be limited. If the driver was operating in an official rideshare driver status, the victim typically contacts the rideshare company and then notifies them about the accident. This is in the same way they would contact the insurance company.

However, your communication with the company should cease there. Any other communication should be made by your attorney. Some of these companies will attempt to offer victims a settlement to close the matter quickly. Let your attorney communicate to ensure any agreed-upon terms are in your best interest. 

If you were injured in an accident with a rideshare driver, understand you have legal protections. If you are involved in a rideshare accident, speak with an attorney such as Frenkel & Frenkel as soon as possible to ensure you are protected and compensated accordingly.